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TOPIC: vajda kapsl 36 m

vajda kapsl 36 m 01 Mar 2012 22:43 #1547

no-ones done any reviews yet, and i'm thinking about getting a new boat so a review of my old one should help me think more about what i want.

in general its a really nice easy boat to paddle. it has a bit more volume that boats that i was used to before but i got used to it very fast and it does make a difference abroad on bigger rivers.

the nose is a very strange shape, it doesnt quite cut through the water as much as i'd like which means that the top speed isnt so high, but it does help with going over waves a bit more. the tail is quite wide at the end so it doesnt sink so much on acceleration which means that the nose doesnt lift up as it would usually, so its tracking is very nice and the edges are quite consistent. what it does mean though is that changing direction isnt the boats best feature, you do have to use a lot of body wieght and edges to turn it which isnt traditionally the fastest way.

in the breakouts, because the edges are very soft the boat slides a lot so it is hard to stick to the inside pole. again this means you have to put edges down and use body weight a bit more, which does slow your entry speed down, but you can use the edges to re-accelerate on the exit. i've found the best way to nail a breakout in my boat is to do loooots of pre-turn before the gate, use a quick sweep stroke to get the boats momentum going upstream and then use a huge bow rudder to turn and exit. this does involve lots of effort so during a run i have to go slightly easier in other sections.

on the white water the boat is very easy to controll as the direction is so good, i also find it very easy to use even the smallest features on the rivers to make the boat and the river do the work for me, whether its using a wave to help me turn or going on the back of a stopper to negotiate a stagger. all you have to do is take some boat speed off and set up for each move early, and you'll gain some time back when you get it right. its risky but it suits the boat.

overall on the flat water its fine, but not the best for tight tricky courses. but on the white water its the easiest boat in the world to paddle
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Re: vajda kapsl 36 m 02 Mar 2012 17:27 #1548

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Reviews are a great idea, Jake. We should have more of them.
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